Tech Issues

Acronis VMProtect VMware5.5 Windows 2012 2012r2 SqlServerWriter VSS writer is missing or disabled <Solved>

<Solved – changed sysadmin privileges>

Check the service logon Nt authority/system or any user and add sysadmin privileges.
Reboot server or Re-Run the VSSadmin list writers command.

A couple of interesting links

Synology Live View Black Screen <Resolved>

  • Go to Live View
  • Click configure on Controller Bar
  • Choose a channel ( Camera Boxes )
  • Then drag and drop each camera into preview Camera boxes

SBS 2008 Server not booting

Issue Definition: Unable to boot server when network cable plugged in. Server was stuck at Applying Computer Settings for more than 30 minutes after windows updates

Step 1: To boot system – remove network cable , reboot again …. Once up re connect network cable.

Step 2: After reboot – rename c:\system32\config\ netlogon.dnb and netlogon.dns to .old

SBS 2011 Server Slow Network – Nov 2012

Intermittent problem where sbs 2011 server network would be slow or halt machine freezes or hangs,  enable / disable local area network port would get things up again.

Noticed in the event viewer – The block level backup engine service has stopped hanging or freezing server – Updated TrendMicro WFBS 7.0 all critical patches – Was Trend <Solved>

Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2013 / Quicken – <Resolved>

Cannot install Reckon Accounts 2013 on Windows 8 – Script Error

Start Windows Explorer , CD Drive \HAB\Disk1

run ReckonAccounts.msi

VMware  SBS 2011 Network Outage Hang <Resolved>

If you have a SBS 2011 machine in a VM virtual and experience an intermittent network outage .This problem would occur every couple of months, I could disable and enable the nic from Vm but would not fix the issue.

<resolved>  change the nic driver in VM / edit settings / network adapters from e1000 to vmxnet3





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